Sunday, November 1, 2009


During the past 12 years I have owned three Ford Explorers, all white, one with blue interior and two with tan interior. Tan is a great color for a car's interior. Does not show dust and shines up pretty well. The next set of floor mattes I purchase will be black, I think they will show less dirt and grime.

Yesterday I hit the magic 100,000 mile mark on my 2004 Explorer and I wondered why. I think it is because I have really liked this vehicle and that I try to take care of it with 3,000 mile oil changes etc.

By the way, the "E" stands for East, not empty. The 48 is my age, for those of you who can not see the little "f".


Ramblings by Vicky... said...

I am with you on keeping a good auto. Just got my 2001 Tarus back from the shop. Needed a little work but she only has 103,000 on her with many left. She also gets checked every 3000!. Good article

Cheri Hottinger said...

The stang just turned over 50,000 as I passed by your office on my way home today!