Saturday, November 7, 2009


Alone on a Saturday night at home with your dog again? Head for the kitchen, then enjoy watching your dog eating a few home made treats.
Once again found at Harriet Carter.
Dog Treats Cookbook
The good treats cookbook for dogs is filled with recipes that will have your pooch howling with delight. Now you can make all-natural dog treats such as peanut butter “barkfast” bars, canine crudités with herbal dip or sweet “paw-tato” pie. There’s also a section on parties for dogs and their loving friends. Tails are sure to wag! Hardcover. 136 pages. $9.98


Cheri Hottinger said...

That looks just like our dog Lily. Will you be baking these treats this year for Lucy?

Patrick Guanciale said...

Like me, I imagine Lucy would like any baked goods made from scratch.