Friday, November 13, 2009


The perfect gift for your friends and family who do not make it a practice of wearing sweat paints all the time for comfort after eating too much during the Holidays.

Waist Extender (E4594)
Adds up to 5" to waist bands of jeans, pants, skirts. Here is a quick way to loosen clothing if you have added a few inches around the middle. Moisten your garment's waistband, insert the extender and adjust to desired size. When garment dries, it remains stretched until the next washing. No more costly tailoring. Can be repeated without harming clothing. Extends to fit garments with waist sizes 26" to 56".

For the couples who do not like to share you can purchase two for $18.50 at .

DISCLOSURE: This post does not mean to decrease the income of sweat pant manufacturers who over past years have clothed an entirely different market than joggers.

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Anonymous said...

Does any one know how to assemble this.Bought a while ago and can't find the instructions.Please help.