Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was happy to wake up this morning to read the Heath Football Team won their first playoff game and look forward to seeing their progress over the next couple of weeks.

It is always great to see no matter what sport a Licking County team in OHSAA playoffs.

Of course as most know, I am a Newark Catholic fan and have been since high school. Heath has always been a competitive program. Heath has a strong following within the Heath community, they are gracious fans for their wins and courteous after their losses. Between the two schools they have been on the top and bottom often during the past years.

This past week, I had a Granville supporter which is not typical of the Granville Football program's fans, make some comments that were rude and elementary about the previous week's win. I was sorry to see Granville loose their first playoff game on Friday night.

I have been to many OHSAA semi-final and championship football games over the years. One thing you notice in the crowd are the Newark Catholic, Heath, Granville, Licking Valley Schools etc. represented throughout the crowd cheering for the local team. They are people like me: "wish my team was in the game", but there to support Licking County schools and their success.

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