Thursday, March 28, 2013

PNB's Administrative Manager's Meeting................

Missed two items today during my 15 minute presentation of some Time Management tips. I forgot two points I wanted to leave with all the Park National Bank employees in attendance:
Sticky Notes: They are great to place on a page if you are leaving it in a file. Terrible if you are making yourself a reminder, they always end up on the bottom a stack of "stuff" on your desk, under the car seat or under your desk.
Personal non-time saving of the year award: I have for many-many years worn the black Gold Toe Windsor model knee high sock. It has been great, reach in the drawer and and pull out two black socks. One could be five years old with the other 1 year old, but they always match. Earlier this year, I decided it would be cool to have a couple pair in charcoal gray. Ever since, I have had to take an extra minute to make sure I have not pulled from the drawer a gray and a black. Change is hard, especially when you are trying to be cool! 

Reminder: Monday is April 1, if it is over 60 degrees this makes it no sock weather.

Thanks to Park National Bank for inviting me today, it is always great to be around great people. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monks win Appeals Court...casket manufacturing

Click here to check out a post from A Simple, Village Undertaker concerning the Monks winning their case in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

From the St. Joseph Abbey web site:

For more than 100 years, the abbey has maintained and cultivated an abiding spiritual presence in southern Louisiana that is manifested in our daily rhythms of prayer and witness through a life of simplicity. One physical symbol of the simple Benedictine life of prayer has been the pine caskets in which we monks are buried.
Over the years, the abbey has been asked to produce these caskets for individuals and has done so only on a very small scale and to select friends. Today, in an effort to support the needs of the abbey and to help maintain its communal life and apostolates, we are beginning to make available to the general public a line of cypress caskets under the name Saint Joseph Woodworks. We also hope that this enterprise will serve as a witness, to educate the greater community to the true meaning of death as taught by our Catholic faith.

Click here for Fox News "Benedictine Monks Sue Louisiana"
Click here for the Abbey's web site which is very nicely done and very interactive.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Handling the public and journalists..........

"It's true hard work never killed anyone, but I figure, why take the chance"

"Seated on a chair on stage in an audience hall next to St Peter’s Basilica, the Pope was greeted by the assembled journalists with applause and a few cries of “Viva.” Whether performing mass or giving an address, Francis’ speaking style is more like that of an actor than a preacher: his tone is intimate, with touches of humor and folksiness, but he never loses command of his audience. In his delivery, if there’s a politician he resembles, it’s Ronald Reagan. During one passage in his address thanking the media for their “service” covering the conclave, Francis broke from the text, looked up and said with a smile: “You’ve worked, eh? You’ve really worked.”

Impressed that Pope Francis is compared to Ronald Reagan, click here to read the complete article.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Final Four....survive and advance

Sean Carpenter's post at Carp's Corner brings into the fact that everyone in sales has the same theory as the NCAA Basketball Teams going into the Final Four : Survive and Advance".

How can you approach your business with a “survive and advance” mentality?
  • Focus today on lead generating activities until you have secured an appointment.
  • Pre-qualify your customer so you are well prepared for your appointment.
  • Show up on time, dressed professionally and show them how you are prepared to help them achieve their real estate goals.
  • Confidently overcome objections and walk away with a listing, priced properly at a full fee.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clothes make the Cardinal..........

Italian tailored:
With 2010 prices given in  euros, the Chasuble would cost  9,000, alb =  550, amice = 40, cassock = 550, sash = 175, socks = 20, shoes = 800, buskins = 320, tunic = 500, dalmatic = 500, ornate ceremonial gloves = 1,000, zucchetto = 125, biretta = 250, pectoral cross =  1800,  cord for cross = 250, miter = 6,000. A new cardinal could have a ready-made outfit bought in Rome with a modest price tag totaling 21,880  euros or  $30,011 in US dollars 

Click here for a complete description of each item.

Click here on Where to shop
(the building just east of Rome's Pantheon across the Piazza from McDonalds)

Inside & out of the McDonald's across from the Pantheon

Monday, March 11, 2013

What to buy your favorite prisoner.............

Have a friend or relative serving time in an Ohio or Federal prison? Wondering what to do about a birthday/holiday gifts or just wanting to let them know your thinking of them being locked up? Click below for a detailed list and expense of what you have to choose from.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Now I know what to do with a stack of old phone books.................

Stolen from the Art of Manliness

Step 1: Grab Phone Book With Both Hands

Phone Book 1
Place your thumbs on top and your fingers underneath one of the edges of the phone book (excluding the edge that is the binding). You can either tear the phone book by its length or its width — either way it will be impressive.

Step 2: Make “V” With Phone Book

Phone Book 2
This is the “trick” part of tearing a phone book in half. Make a deep “V” in the phone book by pressing the bottom edge up with your index fingers while pressing the middle of the top edge down with your thumbs. The “V” creates spaces between the pages which makes it easier to rip through, as opposed to ripping all the pages stuck together. I found the deeper “V” you make, the easier it is to tear.

Step 3: Begin Tearing Phone Book

Phone Book 3
Brace the phone book on your hip or thigh and hold it tightly in both hands. Keeping your thumbs on top of the V, begin bending the sides of the phone book down. Maintain your “V” shape as much as possible while you bend the sides down. The cover and the top few pages should begin to split apart. Keep bending until you tear all the way through to the other side. You’re doing it right if you feel like your pecs are getting a workout along with your hands and forearms. Letting out a manly yell at this point can help. The thicker the phone book you use, the harder this part is. I was able to tear through a two-inch phone book easily; a four-inch phone book was a beast, but still doable.

Step 4: Pull Halves Apart

Phone Book 4
Once you’ve torn through the edge, ripping the rest of the phone book in half is relatively easy. Just finish tearing through the book by pulling the two sides apart. You may need to readjust your hands on the book to get a better grip.

Step 5: Bask in the Fruits of Your Virile Feat of Strength

Phone Book 5
Congratulations! You just tore a phone book in half with your damn, bare manly hands. Time to impress your friends and make the ladies swoon with this virile feat of strength.