Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am a happy camper today, I woke up this morning and started off with a smile on my face because of the Yankees winning the World Series. During the grade school time of my life, the one sport everyone connected with was baseball and everyone wanted to be a Berra, Mantel or Maris. Everyone tried hard, I wanted to be Yogi Berra, #8 is still my lucky number.

I don't watch a lot of baseball on TV, but when I do see the Yankees on I am not watching the game, but makes me think back about the Little League days, the rear yard with out grass in the worn out base paths and all the other associated memories.

Being from Ohio, it was nice though to hear the Cleveland Indians mentioned so often during the six game World Series. Click here: Derek Jeter comments on Yogi Berra.

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