Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bartending at Firefighter's Ball-Newark, Ohio

Last night I spent almost six hours tending bar at the Firefighter's Ball sponsored by Firefighters Local 109. The dance was held at the Newark Elks in downtown Newark, Ohio

The photo shows my maternal Grandfather McCann's name on the wall of deceased Newark Elk members. One of my earliest childhood memories is sitting on the end of the bar while my grandfather stopped to have a drink with his pals. I think there was a slot machine also at the end of the bar next to my seat, something to lean against and take a nap.

The only other time I ever tend bar is along with Dave Hardy for the Licking County Chamber's Business After Hours which is mostly serving beer, wine coolers and soft drinks. When I arrived at the Elks last night, I find a full bar, I kind of thought this was weird since firefighters are beer drinkers. I did not think about the ladies. All of a sudden I am into making girly drinks, my mind spun when a lady would face the bar and ask "what do you have girly". I always responded with a suggestion of the raspberry vodka and sprite. A lot of blue tongues by the end of the evening.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: When ever a fellow purchased a beer, I would hand it to him and let him twist the cap off himself. When a lady ordered the beer, I would twist it off for her. The biggest compliment of the evening came from a young firefighter's (they are all young) wife serving her a beer with the cap removed,"thank you, my husband never does this for me".