Friday, June 29, 2012

Licking County, Ohio a diverse community

Windshield photo this morning in Northeast Licking County.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Downtown Newark, Ohio Final Friday

Downtown Newark is going to the Dogs Friday July 30th from 4-8pm. 4H band concert, ice cream social, dog vendors etc. Bring your dog for a walk around Downtown Newark!

Abe's message

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to find the right swimsuit......................

From Men's Health:

How to Find The Right Swimsuit

Regardless whether or not the clouds in your area put a damper on your plans last weekend, there’s a clear message the start of June brings: it’s time to break out your bathing suit. With so many styles of swimsuits to choose from, women have plenty of tricks to flatter their shapes. Even with fewer styles, guys have options as well, says the Men’s Health fashion director, Brian Boye. Before you slip on the same old board shorts or buy a new version of your trunks, check out some of his tips on picking the right suit for your shape.

Tall: If you’re over 6 feet tall, the key is maintaining proportions. Look for a suit that hits slightly above the knee to balance out your long legs. Anything shorter might make you look like you’re wearing old trunks from summer camp. Get some ideas on the latest styles:

Short: Stay away from anything that falls too low on your leg. Your goal is to look taller, so anything that hits about mid-though will do the trick. As for patterns, steer clear of horizontal stripes, which subtract inches from your height. Opt for vertical ones, which will elongate your frame.

Lean: There’s nothing wrong with being on the lean side, though a swimsuit doesn’t leave as many places to add bulk. An above-the-knee board short will suit you well, as long as the legs are not too full on your slender frame. Also, try a bolder print, which will add the illusion of girth (something no woman on this list – or anywhere — ever asks for).

Husky: Make the most of your frame by showing off your legs. A shorter trunk (a little higher than mid thigh is a good gauge) will showcase your assets and move attention away from your belly. Since elastic waistbands only cinch your midsection, a board short waist will keep your profile smooth. Finally, a solid color suit in a shade not too far from your own (note: neons are out) will create a more flattering silhouette. Don’t forget your sunglasses

Wish they had the a category for short, stout, balding.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucy 1998-2012

Lucy "The Fire Dog" passed away yesterday, after battling old age for the past week, in fact 15 days after her 14th birthday.

Amazing personality, loved to be around anyone. Early on in life, her first job was to listen for the fire tone of the Newark Fire Department. She would hear the tones before I could, during the day she would quickly sit up and stare, during the night she would jump onto my chest to make sure I would wake up. For eight years she traveled to night time fires, often beating me to the garage door. At intersections on the way, she would hear the truck's sirens and would spin around standing on the console box to see them whiz by us. After the initial knock-down of a fire, I would have to move the car closer so she could see all the action. It was not uncommon to see firefighters in full gear rolling around with her on the ground, stopping on the way to their truck and look in the car to pet her. Her largest fire duration was eleven hours, downtown Newark, Ohio on South 3rd Street known as the "Arwebb Fire". During her senior years she would wake up to the tone, elect not to ride along but wait up for me to come home. Her attendance of fires was recognized several times by the media.

Great enjoyment was what she brought to Carol and I and she was very deserving of being pampered like a lady should be.

The three bells have rung and she has been called back to quarters.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Single shoe sighting...........

Putnam, black cap toe oxford found by Tom Cummiskey of Park National Bank this morning at the Newark-Granville Rd. exit onto St. Rt. 16 east bound.

Benefits of aging....................

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ben's workshop.........

Ben is back this summer working hard building a retaining wall. His equipment & tools have taken over half of the garage.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stop Summer Mush Brain.........................

Cultural Offering discusses his presentation to the Johnny Clem Elementary 5th grade class's graduation ceremony. As part of his speech, he passed out the above poster for each graduate. I hope the children and parents take the message seriously this summer.

Click here to read the blog post, made me a believer! You can print the poster and place it next to your vacation schedule on the refrigerator.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Office: how to tell a non-team player......

One way to check out if someone is a non-team player in your office, because they don't care about the next person.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shoes found St. Rt. 16

Long time WPDGNEWARK reader Mark Evans called in with the find of a pair of Nikes in the middle of the road. Rarely this year has the news copter found both shoes. Better to loose both shoes than to wonder why you can only find one.