Thursday, October 1, 2009

A STICH IN TIME, SAVES.................

As you can see tonight was the night to do some "mending" to the cuff of my favorite sweatshirt.

After a long winter of people making fun of my favorite sweater's elbow holes, I purchased suede patches. I am turning the job over to a pro, an industrial strength thimble is not sold at Meijers.

While mending the cuff tonight, I thought of my mother and her great seamstress skills. She would not agree with my surgical clamps and curved needle (with a larger than normal eye for threading) and doubled up thread. My wife can not sew and I always say, my next wife will, but I am sure she will not sew like my mother. Very seldom do you see a sewing machine in some one's home, but when I do I always make a comment on memories. I think often about the hours sitting in Jerry's Fabrics in downtown Newark and how we had to take the bus because she did not drive.

As you can tell in the photo, I will not be taking over LMH's Dr. Jeffries' reconstructive and cosmetic surgery responsibilities (please note my surgical clamp & needle).

Instead of people whispering "she had cosmetic surgery", the whisper would be "Guanciale must have done the surgery, see the ugly scar".

For more information on basic sewing skills, check out Bob Vila's directions here. Yes, Bob Vila can sew.


Cultural Offering said...

Nice purple.

Cheri Hottinger said...

Good and funny post. I enjoyed it.

Robin said...

This is a very charming entry Patrick. If you had asked, I would have fixed it for you. I have heavy-duty thimbles. It would be very nice if you got yourself a brand new sweater though!