Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rep. Flake's Survivalist Vacation

This past week has been full of weird news, balloon boy & his family, Anna Smith drinking drugs from a baby bottle before her death, OSU loosing a game etc.

Congressman Flake's survival trip was a highlight of my on line reading this past weekend. Farm boy turned Congressman who had a retreat goal and accomplished his goal.

As you can see by the Mr. Flake's photo: "Rep. Aaron Schock (Ill.) currently holds the very unofficial title of "biggest hunk" in Congress. But Schock’s title could be in jeopardy after Americans view Flake's tanned and sculpted torso" as published by The Hill.

Read the short article here published by the The Hill.

If you want to read his diary click here published by the Washington Post. His diary is included in the The Hill article in a 33 page .pdf format.

Print the diary and keep it in the car to start reading when you are having lunch alone and want to pretend you are eating sand crabs.

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