Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday I brought up in a conversation with a good friend who mentions age once in a while about an obituary in the Newark Advocate.

Martha J. Wagers passed away earlier this week, initially I thought her age was a typo: 39x2+1. Immediately I felt sorry for the family of Martha, one of the most terrible things in the world for children is to read a typo or mistake in their parent's obituary. After further investigation on my part, she was born in 1930, making her 79 years old. (My father would say from Heaven "they could not even get that right")
Martha must have been a good person to have as a mother and friend. She worked at C-TEC as a G.E.D. assistant and was on the board for LEADS. I have no idea what a wall pocket is, but she had a large collection. But the most interesting thing about Martha is that evidently she had a great sense of humor, making sure people knew she was 39x2+1 years old.

I also imagine many of her past students could relate after her teaching math skills.

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