Sunday, October 11, 2009


Every one has a hobby of some sort. Today a visit to Infirmary Park, one of Licking County's great parks, I toured a pre-1840 camp site full of
Re-enactors, shooting their long rifles, buck skinners, craftmens all in their period dress.

Target shooting included not just their black powder long rifles, but with bows & arrows and knife & hatchet throwing, I was amazed. Their costumes were great, there were a couple of peaceful Indians amongst the sutlers. Once in a while you would see a child running around in their leather trimmed outfits wearing tennis shoes.

Most arrived on Thursday night, staying in canvas tents of all sizes, some with indoor wood stoves. The past two days of rain it did not bother anyone. One of the ladies told me, the heater inside their tent dries the tent quickly and she hangs wet clothing high to dry faster. Most of the tents and diner flies to the front were fully furnished, very comfortable with period camp furniture.

Last night they served a community bean supper, tonight is the competition of Dutch Oven cooking. I wish I could visit during the evening, to see the campfires glowing as the women in their long dresses and bonnets compete. I am not one for roughing it, but if I had to, this is the way to go. I did not see any sad faces behind the long beards.

Click her for more about this weekend's event.

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