Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am the first person to admit that I am a terrible driver. Very few accidents, cutting people off and traffic violations have come my way, but I know I am not a good driver so I try to pay more attention.
This past Tuesday, I was driving three passengers to The Fawcett Center at OSU. Traveling across Rt. 670 through Columbus to Rt. 315 I was in the wrong lane and ended up driving around the block in downtown Columbus to get back on 670. I knew where I was going, but conversation in the car made me forget one more time, I dropped off on 315 North bound when I should have been traveling south. Made some quick maneuvering around the the city streets and was back on the right direction and arrived at our destination no more than five minutes late.
My passengers did get to see the location of the Central Ohio Fire Museum on the first mistake and on the second see the corporate headquarter of Pilot Dog, Inc.
So, I can not see why the FAA is making such a big deal out of two pilots overshooting a metropolitan airport by 188 miles. I can not remember what the discussion was in my car when I over shot the exits on Tuesday, so I can believe it if the pilots say they can not remember.
By the way, my driving skills count up to at least one home sale a year. Clients will just buy a home so they don't have to ride around with me anymore.


Jim Lewis said...

I remember traveling around the block, from Newark, to Flying J on "70", to Zanesville, back to Newark, all because of a conversation took us off our intended route.

Robin said...

All in all, I think I'd rather be riding around lost with and listening to you than in the air with two pilots who have no idea why they overshot Minneapolis. Actually, my worst scenario is driving four women who feel they each have to give you directions.