Wednesday, October 7, 2009


As I have mentioned in previous blogs, when you become my age sometimes you should buy two of what you like. As an example my favorite navy blue sweater age ten, I should have bought three, one for my 50s, one for my 60s and the final one for my 70s &80s combined.

I can easily become upset about items I like becoming discontinued or becoming a newer and better model. I can never figure out when something works well, why it has to be improved to something that does not work as well. My Gillette Trac II razor is a fine example, lasted for a long time and the cartridges were easy to find. When you start searching for cartridges on Ebay, you know it is time for a change. The new razor's cartridge does not do half the job as the Trac II, but it looks sleek and young the way I want to look.

Above you find a photo of the new Olympus Tough 6000 digital camera. I walked into Best Buy to discuss my confusing camera needs the other day. "Need to take interior room photos, exterior home photos and in the rain photos of fires", the Best Buy Associate just stared at me. He pointed out quickly the Tough 6000, can be dropped ten feet without injury, has a built in shake regulator for slower shutter speeds or just in case you have the shakes from a good drunk the night before. Eight different ISO settings, twelve different scene settings and can be used ten feet under water without an additional accessory to make it water proof. Great camera and I look forward to using it for several years.

My point: Cameras are not like sweaters, trousers, car floor mats, shoes, eyeglasses (yes eye glasses) etc. where you should be purchasing a life time supply if you like the item. Cameras and cell phones will always be improving and will always be a better product than the last one owned.

Nine cameras from now when I am in my eighties , I will only want the "shake regulator", it will be tough with a cane in one hand shooting a photo with the other. You always should have a clear picture and a good navy blue sweater.

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