Saturday, September 26, 2009

RIP 4/1/09--10/1/09

Time to open up the sock drawer except for an odd Winter holiday here and there. A couple of strong points to remember this past Spring, Summer and beginning of Fall"

“It’s the new male cleavage,” said Thom Browne, the men’s wear designer
and a professed ankle exhibitionist.
“You can’t believe the snickers and comments I get because
I’m not wearing socks. It sends people into a tailspin.”

"I am wearing no socks and matching underwear"

From the Phoenix Real Estate Insider's
"Top Ten Reasons Why Guys Don't Wear Socks"
10. My dog chewed them up
9. The washer shredded them to pieces
8. They make my feet sweat.
7. My shoes are too small to wear socks.
6. I am just too cool to wear socks.
5. My fiance likes me au natureal
4. It's casual Friday, every day.
3. Socks just get wet in the rain.
2. I can't run fast with socks
1. I left them at her house last night

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