Saturday, July 7, 2012

Morning #8

The photo above was sent to me by Sister Tina, the photo was taken June 29th after the storm showing the power outages after the storm.

Morning #8 is no different than yesterday, a little frustrating when the generator would not start easy for the brewing of morning coffee. I have really begun to respect the Amish, going Amish is not easy without a years notice. Rick Platt last night twitted me saying his calculations show we have now been out of power for 2% of this year. My car is officially fixed, my punctured radiator by a stick is now fixed.

Yesterday afternoon when the four large trucks and seven fellows from a southeaster Ohio showed up in my rear yard, I felt like a fifth grader looking at a Playboy for the first time. The guys and two bucket trucks installed several new poles, cut a bunch of limbs down between my neighbor's and my home, yelling commands to each other. Talked to several of them, very nice considering it was 101 degrees, they had been out since 7am.

The excitement ended at 5pm, when they went back to camp. One promising sign was they left behind a large truck and trailer with three more poles. As of this writing they are back at the home crawling on roofs. Not a worry, but I hope they remove the street light from my front yard, I am afraid it is killing the grass.

The other 1126, Andrew's has the same house number as we do now has power. Alabama Electric guys took care of his issue. Andrew was the one to follow the published notification, if you have a power line ripped from your home have an electrician reinstall the line on the home and call AEP. It worked. He said he had a good day yesterday: closing, power back on and an exciting baby doctor appointment.

This may be the last day of spending $35 per day on gasoline for the generator. I worry about all the people who do not have the advantages I have to maintain a household minimally during the power outage.

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