Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last of the June 29th storm damage report.........

Initially I was planning on writing a post of what I have learned by the happenings of June 29th and the 80mph winds through our neighborhood. I still feel "Going Amish" is the best explanation.

Today may be the last day of estimates. The chimney "guy" is coming, as you can see the problem above. When the winds whipped our metal chimney cap high into our neighbor's tree it took along some concrete from the chimney's crown. The metal cap was so mangled, I could not even measure it for a new one.

All tree branches have been removed, eight 50-60' fir tree tops have been removed and the trees somewhat topped, our water is finally clear from the results of a water main break five hours after receiving electric after eight days, new fascia has been installed on all three gables, branch stabbed car radiator replaced and a new air filter and oil change makes the generator ready for the next Wizard of Oz moment. Hope to never use my chain saw for more than an hour ever again.

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