Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Going Amish

This hat was made by Mrs. Zimmerman in Knox County, Ohio. Her husband has a wonderful workshop building large custom staircases powered by a diesel driven drive shaft operating all his equipment by leather belts. Frank Frye has the same hat.

Rick Platt comented via Twitter he did not mind going Amish this week until his neighbors had electric and he does not. I feel the same way now.

Yesterday I said to Mrs. Guanciale that it was not bad Going Amish, making sure their is gas in the generator, using hand tools to install a new mailbox, using more brawn & brains than power etc, all she did was dropped her jaw and said "oh no".

Please do not think I feel ill towards the Amish, their faith or lifestyle. But I must admit my similar style of living during the past couple of days has made me appreciate the basics and what can be done with less.

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