Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby boomers like discounts...just not the senior discount!!!!!!!!

Ranch style homes in all price ranges and all school districts during the past eight years have become a commodity, values hurt, but not as bad as other home styles by the recession. Baby Boomers are moving, not necessarily downsizing. Active lifestyles with different instruments such as IRA, Roth IRA and 401k helped groomed the way for "older" living.

@TIME had an interesting article I found via Twitter:
Concerning Senior Discounts:
The senior members of the Baby Boom generation are turning 65 at a clip of roughly 10,000 per day. Even so, the generation famous for being at the center of the “youth culture” of the ’60s, doesn’t particularly like to think of itself as old. Senior citizens? According to boomers, the term refers to their parents, the World War II generation, not the folks who could have gone to Woodstock. So even though Baby Boomers love getting a deal as much as the next person, they hate the idea of getting a “senior discount”—which is tantamount to accepting the fact that they’re officially old.

Concerning housing:To varying degrees, age-appropriate updates are necessary should boomers want to stay safely in their homes as they get older. And yet, “Nobody wants their home to look like a hospital facility,” says Bill Millholland, an executive at the remodeling firm Case Design. This is especially the case for a generation that doesn’t like to think of itself as old, let alone aged and dying.

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