Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Two years ago today, Andrew married Jill. The day was tremendous and all the details and planing were wrapped up and over by 2:00am on December 9th.

The photo and information below the photo was given to me by Heath's Mayor Richard Waugh. The rule was no cell phones during the wedding (imagine who is brave enough to tell me this, the only lady in black), but nothing was said about the photo session afterwards.

My phone rang, I answered, it was Mayor Waugh. Early the next day, the photographer emailed this photo to me, in return I sent it to Mayor Waugh to explain why I had asked if it was okay to call him back in twenty minutes. Richard felt terrible. Within twenty four hours, this photo was delivered to me with the caption as shown.

Trying to offer customer service, I made sure to discuss his needs of the day. In return, he made special efforts in a very timely manner to give me this photo explaining his appreciation. The photo has hung in my office now for two years and will be there for many years to come.

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katvanwinkle said...

This is so funny !! Jimmy and I were in a car accident in Virginia Beach about 4 years ago and Richard had called me like a minute right after it happened. I hung up so I could call 9-1-1