Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thurs. March 25 • Pres. Pertini of Italy arrived—1st visit to U.S. He's 84 and a terrific old gentleman. We had the full ceremony under a warm sun. Good meeting. He loves America—very touching moment on the way into the W.H. He paused by the Marine holding our flag and kissed it. State dinner a huge success—a really fun time and great entertainment by Perry Como and Frank Sinatra. As published: The Ronald Reagan Diaries, by Ronald Reagan
Several weeks ago Cultural Offering posted an article by Vanity Fair title "Reagan, Unscripted". I printed all ten pages, stapled the corner and kept it in my car. When ever I was ten minutes early for an appointment, waiting in a fast food drive through line I would read a couple of his tremendous segments from his diary. Besides finding it very interesting, I also learned a lot.
Click here for the Vanity Fair article, print it and read it. It will make you a smile a little remembering a better time for our country. We had to have Carter first in order to get Reagan.

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Cultural Offering said...

Glad you liked it. I received a copy of his stories (In His Own Hand) and enjoyed his personal take on the issues of the day.