Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Kurt Harden's blog, Cultural Offering and the Licking County Chamber of Commerce's ChatwiththeChamber have made there mark throughout the world.
Known British author and blogger Nicholas Bate has recognized his top Business Blogger for 2009.
Nicholas Bate's "Business of Life + Life of Business" has inspired many readers around the world.
Michael Wade with was Nicholas's choice.
Cultural Offering made it first on "Who's out there doing awesom work?" Nicholas stated about Kurt's blog: "The incredible magazine blog with politics, music, fashion and family. Forthright, open and generous."
Chat with the Chamber was marked 19th on the list with Nicholas's comment on the Blog driven by LCCC President Cheri Hottinger: "Lots of thoughtful posting from leadership to presenting to books.... Cool."
Nicholas also stated within his post awarding the Top Blog: So, what's the award, I hear you ask? Well, it's already on its way to Michael care of The Royal Mail and The US Postal Service. Of course, I can't reveal what it is at this stage but I can say the award was inspired by something noticed in a snap of Michael's study carried by The Great Cultural Offering.
Congratulation Cheri & Kurt!


Cultural Offering said...

Thanks, Patrick. I appreciate the plug. I do, however, question the decision to place my picture in the post rather than Cheri's. You need to think about traffic generators not traffic repellants.

David Hardy said...

Is the photo from Americas Most Wanted?

Cheri said...

Thanks Patrick! I always wondered if Kurt was your favorite. I now know.