Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No matter if it is your child or an employee, everyone has a Problem Child:

A Philadelphia (PA) Firefighter is now on administrative leave after allegedly setting fire to a ladder truck earlier this week. Yeah, a Firefighter, on duty, set a fire that caused their ladder truck to catch on fire, exposing him to potential career ending actions and possible criminal charges.

The incident occurred the morning of Dec. 1 when Firefighter Paul Prendergas (a $46,708-a-year firefighter with almost 3 years on the job) was "engaged in horseplay" as he lit paper and let it burn out inside a firehouse that houses Ladder 2. His boss, Lt. Alfonso Mesete told the Firefighter to stop playing with fire, but FF Prendergas again lit another piece of paper and threw it into the truck's engine compartment, setting fire to the motor compartment, ignoring his bosses orders.

The Philly Fire Commissioner, Lloyd Ayers, stated: "I can guarantee the proper discipline will be handed out. This is a very serious infraction," he added. "We don't take this lightly".
The Lt filed a report about the incident, which prompted the PFD Photo Unit to photograph the damage and a Fire Marshal to interview witnesses. FF Prendergas, who, according to the media, is known by PFD officials as a "problem child," and has faced other discipline in the past year prompting his transfer.

The Secret List 12-4-09 / 2252 Hours

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