Monday, December 21, 2009


GOOD: My trash day is on Wednesday, so our schedule will not be messed up this year. Never choose a company with a Monday pickup day.
BAD: People start to early shopping, then closer to Christmas they are in a terrible mood because they have had time to think about what gifts they really should have purchased.
GOOD: Many people give, they give their time and money to worthy organizations because of Christmas. It is ashamed so many non profits have to wait until December.
BAD: You can not give a gift to the people who you really want to give a gift to.
GOOD: Having the company Christmas party as close to Christmas as possible, I think the office Christmas party is like a signal to stop working because it’s Christmas.
BAD: Poor planning on vacation schedules, too many employees off at the same time bogs down customer service and at the end of the year when it is really needed.
GOOD: Young children, they are what it is all about.
BAD: Parents that feel a good Christmas is a way to their children’s heart.
GOOD: Saying Merry Christmas to someone, most think it is old fashion. Today in such a mixed society, it may be dangerous. But, we do have a national Christmas tree.
BAD: Being a shut-in cannot be too much fun. A local nursing home had Christmas dinner two weeks before Christmas. Should have been the week before Christmas.
GOOD: The people who take into consideration their older neighbor or friend. The glow in their eyes of being thankful when you stop by to see them for fifteen minutes is what it’s all about.
BAD: Don’t buy caramel candy for the person with dentures and don’t buy alcohol for the person who drinks too much. This is like giving a size 2 when it should be a 14.
Sometimes gift giving hurts more than you think.

All holidays are marked on the calendar because of thankful reasons, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s & Mother’s Day etc. Christmas is the only holiday, when most are not working and stores are closed, making it the perfect day to spend with the people you love?


Robin said...

I agree with most of these but I think there should be at least one more on the 'bad' list: The holiday season is the time of year when the most people travel to see loved ones and it's also the worst time of year, weather-wise, for travel. On the 'good' list: Christmas cookies!

Cultural Offering said...

So I won't be getting alcohol?