Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday someone watched me during a meeting pull out my schedule from inside my suit coat to make a couple of notes and commented they had seen me do this several times over the years. Every morning I print out from Top Producer my schedule for the day, along with my to do and calls to make list. 95% of all my notes etc. are electronically stored where I can find them on my computer or phone. Over the years I have found that it is nice to be able to make written notes when I don't feel like fumbling around with entering a note in my phone. I have many years of the sheets stored away. At the end of my day (see photo below), I go down the page and enter anything into my computer that needs to be documented or remembered. Kind of throws me back into the day when I would write everything in a thick & heavy day planner.

The reason for the photos to be reversed: I have a note of some one's birthday soon and I don't want to be teased about it in case the enemy would read this post.

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