Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This morning The Newark Advocate printed an editorial about the Ohio Governor's appointment for the recently deceased Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer.

A major reason why our court system is not exactly what it is suppose to be and a very slow process is because of politics entering the legal system.

Last year for three months I served as the Foreman for the Licking County, Ohio Grand Jury. One of our indictments was issued to a man who shop lifted merchandise from the Kroger store in Hebron, Ohio. After a try at detaining the criminal, an employee ran out into the parking lot where the criminal hit her with his car.

Slow process, almost a year latter he was convicted of his crime and sentenced to ten years. Within a week of his conviction, he attempted to stab a jail guard and quickly received another seven years. I am sure politics did not play a part of a year long process, but it would make sense that appointees are qualified and ready to go work without an upcoming election as in the Moyer replacement.

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