Monday, April 5, 2010


Once again I was able to find a top customer service goal minded business and employees. Newark, Ohio's Texas Roadhouse as many Licking Countians know is busy all the time, service is the key as demonstrated by our server Allyce.

Excellent customer service excites me, especially when it is coming from a young person. If most adults started off early in life giving quality service, the business world would be a lot better off today.

As we walked in Saturday evening, our greeter walked us to our table and ask if we had been to Texas Roadhouse before. After saying yes, she asked if we had a good experience the last time. I am sure if we had said we had been disappointed an extra effort would have been made to make sure we finished happier than the last visit.

Now comes into play our waitress Allyce, she asked the same two questions again. I thought this was a great way to introduce herself and make us feel important. Allyce had a smile on her face during our entire visit, making sure my Diet Coke was filled to the brim and asking Mrs. Guanciale if she would like another Corona. When the Corona answer was no, Allyce asked if she would prefer a glass of water. She never slowed down checking up on us, she knew what it was all about, customer service. Customer service is hard to find, especially when you are serving dozens of people per hour, doing a line dance every 45 minutes and singing Happy Birthday a couple times per hour.

Allyce told me on this evening 19 servers, 15 people in the kitchen, two bartenders and three managers, were working. They all are working hard to make sure the next time I dine at the Texas Roadhouse, I will answer with a positive last visit experience.

Texas Roadhouse has not just won many customers through their customer service, but through their participation in our community. They are active members of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce and have provided food and funds to many charitable events throughout Licking County. They are not just a large company taking dollars away from the community, but giving back and out of all appearances due to quality customer service will be around for a long time.

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