Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have lived in Licking County all my life and very proud of our community as many are. Growing up my father worked for a bank, we were never allowed to shop in Columbus. His reason was the people in Columbus never spend money or use our businesses in Newark so why should we go to Columbus.
This past week I came across a blog post indicating one of our local banks issued good returns to their investors and always had a profit because they owned a large amount of real estate. I commented on the blog and the blogger apologized after I made note since the bank has a large trust department that holds real estate for others was the reason. We are lucky to have a couple of locally operated banks and thrifts in the county.
Promoting ourselves to each other is the best way to assure our local businesses will survive. Check out the most recent Image Magazine for information of why we are a good, clean & safe place to live. Visit the Licking County Chamber of Commerce's site to find a healthy list of businesses that support our community as you should. Steve Layman always has good points about our community.
Try and make a practice to keep your dollars here to help make a complete loop in our county's economy.