Saturday, April 17, 2010


Last year our family was invited to eat with the DeCola Family for dinner. The DeColas own the bed and breakfast where we lived while visiting Collelongo, Italy. The DeCola Family had no obligation of serving us such a large and fine meal, then they would not allow us to pay for the meal when we departed for home.
Dinner lasted two hours and like the Italians after a two o'clock dinner we napped, not because we were tired, but just in pain.
My sister Robin sent me an article from the New York Times, reminding me of how lucky we were to know people who like to dine with complete strangers. Click here to read the article "Mangia, Mangia!".


Robin said...

Oops -- it was from the New York Times, not my revered WSJ!

Jim Lewis said...

I liked how the Decola family had a "cola" on the table