Sunday, September 20, 2009


While on a recent trip, I found this light weight, no sparkling jewelled watch. Purchased in a glass tube, it has been a lot of fun to wear and a great conversation piece.

Plastichic, the ultra stylish Italian lightweight silicon watch is now available in the United States through exclusive retailers. Tubular and ergonomically shaped with a flat back and anti-perspiration slits on the sides, Plastichic (The Original) has presented an unconventional use of Tourmaline® that can be worn comfortably to emphasize any personal style. Fashionable, colorful, practical and functional, the anti-sweat and water resistant Plastichic watch is the “timepiece cult of the moment”, as seen on celebrities David Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Kristin Dunst. The aquamarine, turquoise, coral, green and orange, plus the 2009 shades of purple, pink, army green, acid green and fuchsia are just some of the colors that join the basic white and black. The timepiece is available in 19 different colors.


Robin said...

Nice. I want one. :-)

Anonymous said...

They're now sold in France on and we will soon ship them all over the world !

Anonymous said...

Italians have done even more! Look at this... covers for plastichic, cooool!