Sunday, September 13, 2009


Some of the things I missed this past summer:
Only played golf one time, Knap-in at Flint Ridge Park, having dinner at Buckeye Lake, Cedar Point (don’t like King’s Island), Amish Country visit, National Trail Raceway, Light-the-Night car show, photos of the murals on the side of downtown buildings, Corn Festival, Ice Cream Festival, Memorial Day Parade, Pataskala Festival, Clippers game in the new stadium, Labor Day Parade ( rained out even though it did not rain), Greek Festival, Westerville Art Show, attend one of Coach Kurt’s baseball games, Swappers Day plus many other dumb things to most people.

We did take a trip this summer, this was more like a working trip because I did not want to miss anything, and it was not a relaxing trip. I did seal our concrete driveway, painted all our exterior wood trim, throw a July 4th party, clean the garage, washed down our home’s exterior, worked on the gutters, installed a new front on the other bathroom vanity, pulled a couple of shrubs out, visited the guys at the fire stations, do repair work to a bathroom that became more work than I expected, trim trees and sold homes.

Not saying next summer is going to be any better, but I am going to make it a point to do more things for pleasure. The exterior trim painting, tree trimming and driveway sealing does not have to be done again until 2011.


Cultural Offering said...

There's always next year.

Anonymous said...

You work too much.