Monday, September 7, 2009

$5.88 to $1,252.37

One of my biggest worries is shopping for cereal at a big box grocery store. So many choices, from the low end Puff Rice in a plastic bag to the high end cereal saying if you start eating it at age 2, you will never die because it is healthy for you.
While shopping at Lowes yesterday, I walked through the plumbing bathroom fixture area. I am so happy I did not need to purchase a new toilet seat, they had 47 hanging on display, one was missing. I figure someone had taken it down and was trying it before purchasing. Kind of interesting the toilet seat display is one aisle from the restrooms.
Here is a brief description of what you can choose from: portfolio round, elongated, sculptured, twist or fixed hinges, automatic close, chip resistant, odor resistant, bacteria resistant, high gloss, low gloss, wood, vinyl plain and embroidered, heated seat, auto deodoriser, in-line water heater, remote control with two memory settings quick snap out removal, clear with sea shells & glitter etc. Per Lowes' web site there are 236 selections.
See what you can actually get for your money, click here: $5.88 or $1,252.37

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