Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring must be close.....

I am starting to go through my "Getting Ready for Spring" list: repair director chair as you see to the right, sand the teak wood patio table & chairs then apply an oil base teak wood stain, clean the garage up by putting away all the winter tools and check out the condition of the shovels etc., move things around the garage so it will look like I have more space of a three car garage than two bays and of course the yard clean up from winter and remove a small tree that was split in half by the February snow.
Now I have one more thing on my list after watching a shoe shining video by Cultural Offering. It is time for me to take all my shoes out of the closet, clean them with saddle soap and then re-polish. Kurt suggest Horseman's One Step.
Spring projects are done by August, Summer done by October.

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Cultural Offering said...

A great list. I ended up using the Kiwi Saddle Soap. Even found a nice brush applicator. The results were great. The saddle soap smells just like the Horseman's - may be the same thing.