Monday, March 8, 2010


One thing I never do during a weekday is slip away for a period of time for fun. This past Friday afternoon, I did not have any appointments and felt secure any business that needed to be conducted could be done through my Blackberry.
I watched and tried to learn some new things by attending the Expo of The Arnold's Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Walking around the expo, it kind of felt like I was at a premier real estate conference with very successful goal oriented agents.
In this case, I was with some very highly motivated goal oriented bodybuilders. It would have to be very challenging to start off as most people appear and work hard to obtain such a body style. The guys and gals who had planned for a year to attend were going over each exhibitors products. I had no idea that there are so many supplements to help enhance your body and make you powerful, equipment & clothing. Everyone was so friendly and I have never been around so many people who like to be photographed.
For most of the people attending, this was just a hobby, but some were definitely in it as a career. I thought about how much this hobby was goal oriented and wondered if it carried over to the hobbyist's career. It must.
If you needed to find me in the crowd at the Expo it was easy, I was the only short person there without muscles and wearing a sport coat. When I walked out of the expo, I felt so good that I could walk around without my chest somewhat sticking out and my arms hanging naturally next to my body.

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Sean M. Carpenter said...

You might not have had the biggest arms or chest at the convention center last friday but I know you had one of the biggest hearts and fan clubs.