Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is Dino Guanciale's 50th birthday. To your right you will see a photo of our mother and Dino and of course a framed photo of Dino which you would find in every room. Dino carried the official designation of "Mamma piu giovane e prefrito" (Mom's youngest & favorite).

I originally asked my father this past week for a photo of when Dino was younger. His first comment was for me to take the photo of Dino with our Mother, then Dan said it should be title "Momma's Boy".

While Dino was in high school MS started to effects our mother's health, but she never missed a game, home or away. Dino provided a lot of entertainment for her during the beginning of many rough years to come through his outstanding career playing basketball at Newark Catholic and Otterbein College. During his senior year in high school the college coaches would call her after the games asking how Dino played and buttering her up for a recommendation. But we do know one thing for sure, when a coach hung up he knew as Robin, Tina and I knew, whom most certainly was the favorite child.

Happy Birthday Baby Dino! (or as The Advocate reported after a 50 point game "Dynamic Dino")

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Robin said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Baby Dino. I actually remember this day 50 years ago; Dad waking me and telling me I had a baby brother. Tempus fugit! Thanks for honoring his special day in your blog.