Monday, February 15, 2010


Above you will find a photo of Vicki, Mandy, Cheri & Jennifer of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce. This past week Cheri Hottinger received a prestigious award from the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio, she was awarded as CCEO Professional of the Year. No doubt came into any one's mind that Cheri would not praise her staff while accepting her award. The "Chamber Girls" are a well tuned team, as I drove the three ladies above along with Chamber Chairperson Kim Lust to the awards dinner, I learned a lot about the three women who enjoy their careers at the Chamber and how important it was to be a team player. Click here to learn more about Cheri Hottinger's award.

Below you will perhaps find future "Chamber Girls", because they are team players:
Coach Dino Guanciale at the chalkboard going over "man to man" defence before a big game with his 6th grade Westerville St. Pauls lady team. Once again, team work. This team plays tremendous basketball, with each member knowing how to excel by using all the team's players skills. This is why they won the League Championship last night.

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Licking County Chamber of Commerce said...

Thanks Patrick. I meant what I said that night - I do have the best Board of Directors and Staff around. This award is really a team award - I am just fortunate enough to lead it.