Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been thinking about how to scare the deer out of my yard without PETA or the deer friendly people picketing my home and office. Last night I thought about a sling shot. After Google gave me more information than I ever wanted to know, instead of ordering, I first wanted to see what I could purchase locally.
But, this morning I pulled out of the driveway, looked around the neighborhood and decided it would be too expensive to replace the neighbor's windows from misses, so it is back to verbally abusing the deer. Good idea, wrong neighborhood.


Cultural Offering said...

That is exactly what I use on them. I'm getting a better aim and they are staying away more.

Jim Lewis said...

It reminds me of a few years ago I was having problems with groundhogs under my shed in the back yard. They were tunneling underneath. I saw one in the afternoon crawling around it. I went to the garage, grabbed my bow and arrow and proceeded around the house. Now mind you, this is in the mid afternoon, and I am trying to be sneaky going from bush to bush. Now, you know me. Your already laughing aren't you. Anyway, I snuck up closer where I had a bead on the critter, aimed the weapon, and shot it. Whap! Right in the side of my shed. The varmit stood straight up, looked around, and continued his feeding on my bushes. I then just walked to the shed, scared him off, looked around , to make sure no one was watching, and tried taking the arrow from the shed. It was in good. So I just unscrewed the shaft from the blade and went to the house. The blade is still in the shed. To this day, if anyone asks if I can shoot my bow and arrow, I can truthfully say I can hit the broadside of a shed.

Leonard said...

My neighbor uses deer off repellent and swears by the stuff. He says it targets the deer’s sense of smell and taste. Others only work on one sense. And they don’t work well.