Sunday, January 10, 2010


The entry way to the Warner Library and Student Center at OSU-Newark is very welcoming. Just like the entire OSU-Newark/COTC campus, it is hard to beleive you are in Newark, Ohio. This campus host almost 5,000 students and has been a large asset to Licking County.
Once in a while, when lunch is required for business purposes, I lead or meet my quest to the Warner Center. Most are surprised due to the lavished coffee bar and wide variety from wraps & salads, the grill and the old "Blue Plate Special" of the Day.
This is one way I have been trying to promote Licking County, especially to Licking Countians who have never set foot on the campus. Community Capitalism did work, it is the main reason why I have tried to steer people to the center just to see what we have to offer for higher education.

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