Thursday, January 14, 2010

Filling Up by Cultural Offering

Posted today by Cultural Offering:

Filling up
We can run dry every once in a while. If we do, we just come to a stop. Not a physical stop but a stop nonetheless. I've observed it in others and felt it myself. Years ago my boss told me it was like shifting gears. I remember that I felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities and unloaded my concerns on her. "You'll be okay," she told me. "You can do it, you are just shifting gears." I think there was some psychology at work during that session but it worked. I told myself that I was shifting gears. It helped me fill up.

Since then I have come to recognize the feeling as running dry. My family makes it happen less frequently. Friends are a great prevention too. Feeling a little low on energy? Have lunch with some old friends. Eat dinner with your family. Don't have a family? Try mine.

A long solitary car trip works wonders. Good music. A great book. A long walk with Henry.

I return to routines when I need some filling up. Like rebooting a computer, the comfort of a refreshed routine sometimes does the trick.

I used to visit my father. I didn't tell him what I was doing but I was filling up. I would talk. He would listen and maybe say something wise. Today, I don't tell Henry what we are doing when we tromp through the woods. We are hiking. Looking for birds. Someday, I think he will know that we were filling up.

Thank you Cultural Offering, this was a good post with lots of thought!

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