Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I imagine this Licking Memorial Hospital's police officer has in his job description the typical "other duties in order to satisfy the customer" clause or wording to this manner.
The photo was taken this past weekend while I waited in LMH's Lobby for a friend visiting his wife. The officer and the Seeing Guide Dog walked through the lobby to exit the building. I must admit, it grabbed my attention.
As they came back through I asked if it was possible for me to take a picture, then I had to ask about the dog. He explained there was patient in the hospital with her Seeing Guide Dog and the dog had to make a restroom run outdoors before bed time. The officer acted like it was all in an average day's work.


Nici said...

This officer is John Cox. He also works for Utica PD and Volunteer's with me at Madison Twp Fire Dept as a firefighter. I'm not suprised to see this from him. Way to go Coxy!

Sean M. Carpenter said...

Kinda cool that you and Cheri also posted about great service in the last few days. What's that they say about great minds? Oh yeah...they all eat lunch together!

See ya Friday!