Thursday, March 28, 2013

PNB's Administrative Manager's Meeting................

Missed two items today during my 15 minute presentation of some Time Management tips. I forgot two points I wanted to leave with all the Park National Bank employees in attendance:
Sticky Notes: They are great to place on a page if you are leaving it in a file. Terrible if you are making yourself a reminder, they always end up on the bottom a stack of "stuff" on your desk, under the car seat or under your desk.
Personal non-time saving of the year award: I have for many-many years worn the black Gold Toe Windsor model knee high sock. It has been great, reach in the drawer and and pull out two black socks. One could be five years old with the other 1 year old, but they always match. Earlier this year, I decided it would be cool to have a couple pair in charcoal gray. Ever since, I have had to take an extra minute to make sure I have not pulled from the drawer a gray and a black. Change is hard, especially when you are trying to be cool! 

Reminder: Monday is April 1, if it is over 60 degrees this makes it no sock weather.

Thanks to Park National Bank for inviting me today, it is always great to be around great people. 

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