Monday, December 16, 2013

I will help you move your home, but I will not help you move..............

"I will help you move your home, but I will not help you move"
Jeffrey Barrett

Some tips found  VALET, How to move without stress: 

Using garbage bags or dumpster diving for boxes at the grocery store? That might've helped you move out of the dorms, but you're supposed to be a grownup now. It's time to invest in some professional help when it comes to packing up your life and hauling it across the country (or even across town). They'll save you a lot of time and stress. After all, moving is such a bitch.
Stay Offline
Looking for movers? Ask trusted neighbors or real-estate brokers for recommendations. Many "victims" of shady movers say they found their haulers on the internet (Editor's note: That's not to say the Web isn't a trustworthy place).
Speak Up
Look for companies that offer flat rates up front. And make sure to tell potential movers about any challenges they may face (either at your current location or new home): sleeper sofas, parking problems, multiple flights of stairs, etc. That way you can ask for any possible charges that may arise. Be sure to have them disclose the cost of common cost inflators like gas or packing materials (bubble wrap or boxes).
Be a Label Whore
Grab a pack of color stickers and designate a color for each room. Tag each box before it leaves and when you get to your new place, put the matching sticker in the doorway of the corresponding room. The movers will instantly know where each box goes. Color coding labels, $6 at Staples.
Make Friends
Sure, you're the boss, but it's always smart to be nice to the guys carrying your hi-def flat screen TV too. Introduce yourself and ask if you can get the crew anything to drink (or maybe call in a pizza for lunch). Then make sure to get the names and cell phone numbers of the crew delivering your stuff. A little personal responsibility should make them a bit more careful with your possessions.
Stash Your Style
Pack your favorite clothes (the ten-percent of your closet that always gets worn), along with underwear and socks in a suitcase. You'll easily be able to spot your suitcase, but you could be fishing in boxes for your favorite cardigan for weeks. 
"Estimate, binding"
An agreement made in advance with your mover on the total cost of the move. It guarantees the price based upon the quantities and services discussed. If the agreement is "non-binding," then the final price could vary drastically.
, with five warehouses across the country, can ship your moving supplies next-day and offers the most affordable boxes and kits on the Web. 

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