Thursday, April 25, 2013

Should Toddlers Use Tablets & Smartphones....................

From Time Tech:

"The American Academy of Pediatrics has repeatedly warned that screen time for children under the age of 2 is a no-no. Why? Research suggests it delays language development and can disrupt sleep. Generally speaking, we know that interacting directly and routinely with your child is paramount when it comes to hitting established developmental milestones. In fact, a recent story in the New York Times referenced research by academics Betty Hart and Todd Risley (published in the 1995 book Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children), who found that the more parents spoke to their children and the broader the parents’ vocabulary, the higher the child’s IQ and the better he or she performed in school"

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Rebecca Hampton said...

I guess I should have put Erin in from of the TV even more than I did before she was two, because now she's a 7 year old girl who does NOTHING but talk talk talk (like most 7 yr old girls!). She even asked me the other day, with a very serious face, if you can run out of words. lol Both of my kids had lots of "screen time" from birth (loved Baby Einstein) and have turned out just fine. Sometimes I wonder about these so called "experts." If it weren't for screen time, Mommy just might have gone to the funny farm. Don't get me wrong, they had plenty of books read to them, trips to the library, walks and play time in the park, but when I had to work, they watched TV. Some times you just have to do what you have to do to get the job done, and making parents feel guilty for having their kids get too much "screen time" seems extreme. But that's just my humble opinion. :) Thanks Patrick for sharing- your articles are always interesting.