Thursday, January 10, 2013

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January 9, 1933

"Ground thawed through.  No winter as yet in this month. 

I made the remark tonight that an auto properly taken care of requires as much time as keeping a horse.  It seems true in many cases as I spend three or four hours every week on ours.

Last Friday night I was having a quiet game of checkers with Chester.  While intent on the game I was smoking my brier pipe.  Bang! went the pipe.  The whole family enjoyed the explosion except myself.  I turned pale and began to wonder if I were shot.  For instantly I remembered I had been carrying .22 short cartridges in my tobacco pouch and had overlooked one before filling the pouch with tobacco.  We found the burnt shell but not the bullet.  After my explaining we all laughed more heartily that a tragic setting had made comedy."

January 9, 1933
D.C. Richard's Journal
Published once in a while at Kurt's Cultural Offering, worth while reading.

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Kurt Harden said...

Thanks, Patrick. He was a fascinating man.