Monday, November 5, 2012

Blackberry vs Apple..............

One year ago this month, I was attending a Licking County Tweetup at Velvet Ice Cream. Everyone was shooting photos and movies while the gang tasted different flavors of ice cream. As I attempted to shoot a short video clip with my Blackberry, Sean Carpenter was making the motion of someone using an old movie projector with the hand crank on the side. This made my decision.

The next day I purchased the Iphone 4s and struggled. The Blackberry was the perfect business machine for me. Database, texting, emails and slowly reading the local paper, counter offers emailed to me and getting a web site once in a while. I fought the Iphone for three months, no key pad was my big beef, next was the battery until after google research made some quality adjustments.

Finally the Ipone became adjusted to me! Besides the email, database and texting it has opened a new world. Receiving counter offers and purchase agreements is a breeze as well as filling out a form. (at this time I have not had anyone sign their name on my Iphone like I do with my Ipad). Most of my blog post are written and posted from the Iphone. I no longer have embarrassing and extensive waits for information to fully arrive.

The speed, the array of opportunities with apps has been amazing. The large test was the camera and photos of fire incidents. I can say, during the past ten months all of my photos published by the Newark Advocate and other media have all been shot with my Iphone. Several fire video are posted on You Tube by using the phone and sent directly from the fire scene.

After one year, I vote for Iphone. Wish Tuesday election goes as well.


Cheri said...

Was this post directed at me?? I am still married to my Blackberry.

Sean M. Carpenter said...

Bravo! I am glad you made the swicth and are happy with it. I hope the same will be said of the American public later this week.