Monday, March 26, 2012

Great drugs according to Nicholas Bate.............


Contemplation. Have you ever-you know-really, really contemplated stuff? Wandered off and wondered? Sat on an empty, blowy beach? Or an early morning church before anyone arrives? Or late, late walking back through town with a slight drizzle? To contemplate: to wonder, to realise, to appreciate. A gentle, affirmative drug.

Fitness. Have you ever-you know-been really, really fit? The sort of fit that when you pull off the gloves at the end of the round there is no way you can pick them up for a while. The sort of fit that the next day you find you have so much power in your arms those bags are a breeze. The energy gives you extreme focus. E-mail? You have to be joking. To be fit: you at your best, extreme focus, reserves of energy. A life-enhancing, ever-buzzing drug.

Writing. Have you ever-you know-really, really written until your heart and soul and gut yell stop? The sort of writing when finally your demons pack up and go annoy someone else. The sort of writing where you find what you were looking for. The sort of writing which parallels your breathing. To write: to discover who you really are, to remove your blockers, to live. An enlightenment drug.

Romance. Have you ever-you know-really, really looked into her eyes and realised that you are falling in love all over again? The sort of look that goes deep into the soul? The connection that goes way beyond 'I love you' and transcends all discussions about children's schooling. To be romantic: to discover what was always there in a person, to let go, to be alive. A fun drug.

Laundry. Have you ever-you know-really, really really done that washing and ironing brilliantly? Let go of the irritation, frustration and annoyance at wasting your time. But selected correct washes. Learnt how to iron. And folded and stacked better than an Amazon warehouse robot. Zen and The Art of Doing the Laundry. To do the laundry: to stay grounded, to appreciate the smalll things, to love quality for its own sake. The Zen drug.

Foreign Lands. Have you ever-you know-really, really got to know that foreign place? Walked that dusty market place? Sat in that cafe during the siesta? Read their literature. Have you wondered how it might be like to think that way? To hold those things important? To have generated that art? To visit foreign lands is to expand your mind, to learn to value other ways of thinking and to remind what's so precious about home. A mind-expanding drug.

Today. Have you ever-you know-really, really just got it done? No longer talked about it? But done it. No longer considered it. But done it. The buzz of action. The buzz of now. The buzz of fulfillment. To do things today is to realise who you are and who you want to become. What a cool drug.

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